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02-18-2018: U.S. Dollar Index Fears Unwinding of Foreign Stimulus Policies, Already Done in U.S.

"Interest rate differentials" appear set to benefit foreign currencies more than the U.S. Dollar. That is because the impact of foreigners unwinding their various stimulus plans will have greater effect on trades than Federal Reserve interest rate hikes. At least that is what pundits are telling us. While the U.S. unwound its fiscal stimulus policies the U.S. Dollar soared, and now the same effect is believed to be about to be seen in those countries that were slower to "unwind." Unfortunately, the U.S. Dollar Index contract has become one of those managed by the lousy ICE Exchange with exhorbitant data fees and stale and inaccurate data so keep your bid'ask spreads as wide as possible with those jokers.

Our recent article on the U.S. Dollar Index is in the Archives Section below.

02-23-2018: Some Commodities We Haven't Currently Reviewed

How do we pick a commodity for review? Here are technical strength or weakness ratings for 02/22 on the other major commodities not being currently being reviewed or traded on this site. To pick the commodity for our next review, Zenith will usually refer to such a list and pick the commodity which has one of either positive highest or negative lowest scores. Commodities currently under review on our list of about 18 on this site are not shown below. It's just a way of keeping track of what else is going with other commodities.

     Cocoa                88
     Ethanol              80
     Soybeans             80
     Cotton               72
     Mexican Peso         64
     Crude Oil            64
     NASDAQ 100 Index     56
     Platinum             56
     Swiss Franc          48
     Chicago Wheat        32
     Heating Oil          32
     Euro Currency        16
     Live Cattle          16
     Australian Dollar     0

      Eurodollars         -88
     Coffee "C"          -80
     Rough Rice          -48
     Canadian Dollar     -40
     Sugar #11           -32
     Lean Hogs           -32
     Oats                -24

The ratings are good only for date shown, and rapidly change each day, whereas we review the list only periodically. Once a commodity appears on our list of articles and is being currently traded, we consider its long-term direction has been established and trade consistently from that direction wtihout worrying about day-to-day changes. Granted, that's not how most other futures traders work nor how we trade stocks; but we have found it to be effective for commodities to trade that way.

Archive List

02-18-2018: June U.S. Dollar Index: Interest Rate Differentials Hurt

02-11-2018: March Soybean Oil: Burdensome Supply

02-07-2018: March Treasury Bonds: Higher Interest Rates Coming

02-01-2018: March Japanese Yen: Switching to Inflation

01-26-2018: April Gold: Inverse to the U.S. Dollar

01-18-2018: March British Pound: Minimizing Brexit Effects

01-12-2018: February Gasoline: Follows Crude Higher

01-08-2018: March Lumber: Wildfires, Hurricanes, and Tariffs

12-21-2017: March Treasury Notes: Tax Cuts Impact

12-17-2017: March Palladium: Out of Whack with Platinum

12-13-2017: February Natural Gas: Pressure from Alternate Power

12-08-2017: March Silver: Not Ready for Runaway Inflation

12-02-2017: March Soybean Meal: Choppy Trade

11-25-2017: December Hi-Grade Copper: Slowly Trending Higher

11-22-2017: December Australian Dollar: Poor Yield

11-20-2017: December Milk: News Mainly Cyclical

11-16-2017: December Corn: Oversupply and Slow Exports

11-13-2017: January Orange Juice: Re-evaluating Hurricane Damage

11-09-2017: December Kansas Wheat: Weather to the Rescue

10-27-2017: January Feeder Cattle: Anticipation of Inflation


Updated once a week (usually on Saturdays) unless the preceding week had less than five trading days.
Buy and sell prices are averaged where multiple contracts are involved, which is why they may not fall on an exchange tick increment.

Milk saved us this week. It was a contract roll forward from January to March.

All Commodities Trades 01//02/2018 - 02/17/2018:

 # Commodity           BS    Buy   Sell   Last    Gain Intended  Rough   Group
                                                 (Loss)    Risk Percent

20 Mar Soybean Oil      C  31.53  32.23  31.96 $  7,800  14,880  21.0% Grains  
 6 Mar British Pound    C 138.35 141.11 138.25 $ 10,170  14,963  15.8% Currency
16 Mar Corn             C 365.00 366.30 362.00 $    560  14,880  21.0% Grains  
13 Mar Milk Cl.III      S         14.19  13.63 $ 14,170  14,560   5.1% Dairy   
 7 Jun U.S.Dollar Index C  88.18  94.39  90.33 $ 43,260  14,910  15.8% Currency
 3 Apr Gold             C 132.16 135.89 131.57 $ 11,100  14,970  15.8% Prec Met
 4 Mar Feeder Cattle    C 144.78 149.58 146.20 $  9,480  14,980   5.3% Meats   
 3 Mar Hi Grade Copper  C 304.30 325.60 303.00 $ 15,885  15,000   5.3% Copper  
 6 Mar Japanese Yen     C  92.39  94.52  92.30 $ 15,795  14,925  15.8% Currency
 7 Mar Kansas Wheat     C 468.30 482.50 465.50 $  4,760  14,945  21.0% Grains  
 4 May Lumber           C 483.80 508.50 483.00 $ 10,748  14,960   5.3% Lumber  
 5 Feb Natural Gas Mini S         26.49  26.00 $    463  14,988   5.3% Nat Gas 
 7 May Orange Juice     C 145.24 148.65 147.60 $  3,371  14,994   5.3% Softs   
 2 Jun Palladium        C  95.64 103.72  96.33 $ 16,100  15,000  15.8% Prec Met
 3 Feb Gasoline         C 165.90 193.20 188.00 $ 34,308  14,994   5.3% Energies
 2 Mar Silver Mini      S         16.88  16.14 $  3,640  14,950  15.8% Prec Met
 8 Mar Soybean Meal     C 350.50 377.70 343.80 $ 21,520  14,960  21.0% Grains  
12 Mar Treasury Notes   C 121.01 120.81 121.17 $ -2,760  14,880  10.5% Finance 
 5 Mar Treasury Bonds   S        144.70 144.16 $  2,550  14,950  10.5% Finance 

            Adjustment for Open Positions: -($   20,823)
Prior to 2/12:
Other Gains/-Losses This Reporting Period:   $  391,878 ***
 *** For Contracts Closed or Rolled Forward  __________
Total for all Trades:                        $  593,975

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Trading in commodities involves substantial risk and past performance is no guarantee of future profits.  Zenith does not sell advice nor does it manage discretionary accounts other than its own. Readers should be aware of the vested interest that all traders/brokers have in encouraging other traders to make the same transactions.  No one should follow investment advice blindly.  This web site should be used only as a "sounding board" for confirming one's own opinion.  Any suggested order placements should be reviewed and reset to fit current market conditions by individual traders.

Recommendations may include trades which have already been made on the same or a previous day, otherwise the issue is placed on a "watch list." Suggested trades are based upon an approximate maximum $15,000 capitalization requirement per trade, depending upon initial contract margin requirements.  Zenith's actual trades may be larger.  $22 per round turn for futures is deducted from profit figures.   Commodity option trade recommendations are not tracked, but performance should parallel that of the underlying commodity's.

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